Live an incredible experience in Paris and France!

We are a student association of the EFREI group organizing events, activities in Paris, tutorials and much more!

Who are we?

    A student multicultural team willing to help you discover French culture and language. Since year 2000, we’ve been organizing a September welcome program for international students and we help you get familiar with our student French way of life all through your stay, whether you join us for 6 months, one year or longer.

You should also know that, as regular French students, we have a beautiful frog lady mascot, Gigi!

More about us

Activities of our student team

    Throughout the year, we organize tours and we inform you of cultural events in Paris. We are also active on campus by organizing or participating in different events such as International Day, Chinese New Year Celebration, etc. with our great team of tutors and you!

Some key moments

Semaine intégration

Integration week

Spring School

Spring school

Summer School

Summer school


International day